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Our commitment is to not disappoint you!!

AxCel is dedicated and committed to protecting your Data and insuring Business Continuity to safeguard your company from Cyber Theft and Disaster!  Our policy is to provide no obligation or cost evaluations to win your approval of the proposed solution prior to purchase.

Complete Line of Solutions

Backup, disaster recovery, continuous availability, migration, and email archiving with your cloud, our cloud, or no cloud. Any type of workload, same proven results.                                        

See And Stop Current Threats Before They Affect Your Business!  Multi-vector attacks, phishing, BEC, insider threats, and brand impersonation require a pervasive security strategy.       

Block Breaches Before They Start!  AI-driven security protects the complete attack surface with automated threat prevention, detection and response capabilities. Don’t stop breaches—prevent them.

BRICKSTOR SP by  RACKTOP is an active security storage platform for unstructured data. Built by Department of Defense Intelligence Community veterans. Trusted to protect the most sensitive data.

Data that is safe, accessible and optimized. Great data management and protection solutions for the next generation hybrid data center. 

PRIVILEGED ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.  Protect your privileged accounts with our enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.  Available both on-premise or in the cloud.

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